Monday, June 4, 2007

Dyeing again

We had a second session of yarn dyeing last weekend. My DVD partner, Lida, joined Louise and me to be initiated in the deep secrets of hand painted yarn. It was very hot, but fortunately we had a large cherry tree to keep us in the shade. The yarns shown here are my own. I'm planning to have hand painted yarns available on our website,, soon. I also wound one of the skeins we did in our first session into a ball using the ball winder given to me by my thoughtful and generous mother-in-law, Florence. It is a real time saver. I have started to knit with the yarn. It is a real pleasure - very soft, very even ply. I sense a new addiction.

1 comment:

  1. Your hand dyed yarn looks so pretty hanging on the line under the trees. My favourite is the pink/green skein. Wool winders are so expensive here in Australia - upwards of A$60 or A$70!!