Sunday, May 22, 2011

An unexpected wolf visit

Yesterday afternoon we had an unexpected visit from a wolf. We spotted him calmly sitting on a hill above the pasture where the sheep were grazing. It was the chickens who created a noisy and loud ruckus, sheep correctly ran into their pen and we observed the wolf with binoculars. Unfortunately not enough time to grab the camera. After a few minutes the wolf slowly got up, turned and walked into the woods.
This is the closest image I found online.

Gray wolf. Photo by Flickr user Fremlin used under a Creative Commons License
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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday we sheered our little flock! I will post images later today. What an experience, I think it was more traumatic for me then for the sheep. They sure did not want to cooperate. As Martin said the more pets they are the less cooperative they are. And aren't these first class pets! All is well and they happily running around without all that weight of one year fleece. Speaking of their fleece- looks very very nice and very very soft. Now cleaning, all all the steps to turn the fleece to a nice yarn. Will keep you posted, documenting all the steps with images of course.