Monday, June 20, 2011

Fleece cleaning

Fleece cleaning has started.


  1. Awesome! Love your drying rack. I've just hit up the husband to make me one like that. I also love your yard! Looks like you live in the mountains and that makes me green with envy! :)

  2. Hi Little Wren,
    That drying rag did not start as one. It actually is a part of a fence, was supposed to hold the sheep, but they are much to clever and much to quick to stay in a small space when there is all that beautiful new grass growing.
    As a drying rag and as a nice flat "table" for skirting the fleece it work great.
    We also use screens from windows. Works very well.

  3. Great idea! I just dyed some of my angora and had to dry it on our mesh deck chairs. Not the best spot to do that. I've talked to my DH about your idea and he thinks we can definitely do it. Thanks so much!! :)
    PS. My sheep are smarter than I thought they were too. Makes me grumpy because sheep are supposed to be dumb...right? lol!