Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everybody knits!

Some of us knit for real, some of us pick up the needles and use it as a prop! Way to go Kiss!

This image gives me a new idea for my knitting inspired cards.
"Dreaming of turquoise socks!"

Any other ideas?

My friend Lorena's ideas (I know she will come up with more):

"Just what every woman wants, a guy who knits."
"It is not just your grandma's knitting anymore!"


  1. Cute picture :)
    I tried to knit when I was younger. My grandma thinks I did fine - but I never could get even the edge of a scarf straight.
    My grandma is 94, blind and still knits every day!

  2. Thanks Lorena, your words make me really clever!

  3. Thanks Audrey,
    cheers to your grandma still knitting. What an accomplishment. Please give my best!