Saturday, April 7, 2007

I was reading Lida's post about her first pair of socks, and it got me thinking about the first pair of socks I made on fingering yarn. It was just when Opal came out with the computer dyed fair isle type yarn. I bought a beautiful skein and knit socks that I am still wearing today. However, I made several errors that I regret, mainly from ignorance. First, I made the leg portion all ribbed, like a crew sock. This does not show off the pattern the yarn makes to the best advantage. Second, I didn't think about making the socks identical so didn't pay attention to where in the pattern I started the second sock, so my socks are fraternal rather than identical twins. Third, I used #2 needles, and I have since discovered that for myself, socks made on #1 needles fit better. Last, I didn't do a good job of Kitchenering the toes.
So, imagine my pleasure when I found another ball of the exact same yarn that I had used all those years ago. Now I get a chance to knit that yarn again, correcting all my mistakes. How many times do we get a second chance like that?

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